Hi There!
I'm Jennifer Cortes
Colombian, Photographer, Web Designer, Harry Potter fanatic,
fur mom, donut connoisseur, coffee lover, and future world traveler.

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

- Albus Dumbledore

What Is
The Jennuine Life?

The Jennuine Life is the home of an always hungry, dreaming, wanderlust-ing, fitnessing, genuine hearted Jennifer Cortes, AKA, ME. Here, you will find my portfolios for design and photography and eventually, my blog.

The Jennuine Life is a name and idea that was born years ago, but has taken time to develop...after all, I didn't really know how to get all of ME out there in a somewhat organized manner. But finally, I said "Screw It" and decided to just put it all here, just as it all is and just as I am, because after all, it wouldn't be too genuine if I didn't, huh?

What I Do

I've always been a bit all over the place and have always been referred to as a Jack Of All Trades. I love far too many things and tend to eat with my eyes...meaning that my plate is constantly full. I call it being hobby diverse...and I love it.
I use my Nikon named "Luna" to capture lifestyle images of couples, weddings, families, kiddos, individuals, food, and of course, Nargles.
Logos, flyers, business cards, graphics...whatever your brand or design needs might be, no worries, I gotchu.
Do you need a Blog, online store, simple site, or a landing page? Cool. Let's work together to get you on dat www.
I may not be a Parseltongue, but I do know Python(; I spend most of my day trying to debug code and build cool things.

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Frisco, TX, US
817 487 1378